Results from the 2017 Special General Meeting
February 23, 2017
New Zealand Deaf 8 Pool Open Championship 2017
March 5, 2017
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Credit: Fir0002/Flagstaffotos


Queens Birthday weekend
3rd / 4th June 2017

94 Cuba Street
Palmerston North

Programme of Events

2nd June Friday

3:00pm – Annual General Meeting
At Manawatu Deaf Society
55b Totara Road, Awapuni
Palmerston North

7:00pm Welcome Night
At Manawatu Deaf Society

3rd June Saturday

8:30am check-in
9:00am Mens Singles Squad 1
10:15am Mens Singles Squad 2
11:30am Ladies Singles
1:45pm Mixed Doubles Squad 1
2:45pm Mixed Doubles Squad 2

4th June Sunday

8:30am check-in
9:00am Mixed Triples
12:00pm Masters
6:00pm Presentation Night – Venue to be confirmed

Attachment: 2017 Tenpin Bowling Entry form

General Rules

  1. All entries for the Tournament must be received at the Tournament Office at least 30 days prior to the commencement of the Tournament accompanied by the full fees stipulated on the relevant entry form. No entries will be accepted after the closing date.
  2. Receive medical certificate more than fourteen (14) days she/he can be refunded of lanes fees, prize fund and not membership/registration fee.
  3. Receive a medical certificate within less than fourteen (14 days) she/he can refund lane fees but not prize fund or membership/registration fees and newsletter.
  4. HANDICAPS: All play in the Championships (and the Masters events) will be on a handicap basis. Bowlers will be given a handicap of 90% of the difference between their averages and 200 pins. Maximum handicap shall be set at 100
  5. ENTERING AVERAGES: – Your average must be taken: a) Must be based on 3 previous NDC within last 5 years, if not b) Shall be the bowlers highest average from all leagues during the previous year c) If no average is given then Tournament Director with DTBANZ will determine entering average.
  6. CONDUCT: Following a warning from the Tournament Director, any three (3) members of the Board of Directors of DTBANZ may remove or disqualify any bowler from the Tournament if it is determined that their conduct is or was unacceptable and/or unsportsmanlike (alcoholic/ smoking/bad swearing/drugs).
  7. Scores and averages of all winners will be checked by the Tournament Director prior to the announcement of Winners and Official Placing. All prizes will be distributed within 30 days after the Tournament.
  8. TIES/DRAWS: In any NDC events for placings, when 2 or more bowlers overall handicap score is tied, the bowler with the lower handicap will place higher with exception of the Masters
  9. Bowlers are required to wear shirts with a collar and sleeves, skirts, plain trousers – (plain colour dress trousers and plain colour culottes and plain ¾ long pants and walking shorts are permitted. Bermuda shorts, T-shirts and very short pants are not considered proper attire, and will not be permitted. The Tournament Director will adjudicate on appropriate attire. In case of any dispute, the Tournament Committee will have the final decision.
  10. While The National Deaf Championship follows the same playing rules as the Deaflympics, the NDC is classed as an Open Championships and so the Tournament Director will give a welcome before start of bowling and advise bowlers they are permitted to wear hearing devices during play.
  11. Powder may be used during the Tournament and must be kept on carpeted area behind the playing area. Any bowler found to have powder in the player’s area will be required to remove powder at once.
  12. Bowlers must be ready 30 minutes before bowling

Playing Format

  1. The Championships will include events for Triples, Doubles, Singles and all events with separated divisions for men and women if few triple – in mixed triple team.
  2. All entries for the Triples, Doubles, Singles and all Events must be submitted on the appropriate Entry form and accompanied by the full fees for the events entered. Entries must be at the Tournament Office at least 30 days before the Tournament starts.
  3. Doubles team shall consist of 2 bowlers which will be teamed on the balance of average as close as possible. Entrants will be broken into two divisions, where Group A will consist of the top half of the highest average bowlers and Group B bottom of the lowest average bowlers.
  4. All teams shall consist of three bowlers which will be teamed on the balanced of average as close as possible. An effort will be made to ensure that every entry will get placed in a team. Entrants will be broken into three divisions, will consist of one third of each groups. Group A the highest average bowlers. Group B the second highest average bowlers, Group C the third highest average bowlers. One bowler from each group will form a team that is to ensure that every team will possibly be very balanced.
  5. Handicaps on 90% of 200 will be added to all scores
  6. Singles – will be over 6 games plus Handicap, Lane change after each 2 games
  7. Doubles – will be over 3 games for each player plus Handicap. Partners will be assigned by the Tournament Committee.
  8. Triples will be over 3 games for each player plus Handicap. Team members will be assigned by the Tournament Committee.
  9. All Events – will be the combined 12 game total (with Handicap and Scratch) of scores bowled in Singles, Doubles and Triples.
  10. Warm ups shall be for each event Single and Doubles – 5 minutes, Triples – 7 minutes.


  1. To qualify for the Masters you must have played all events:
  2. 6 games – Singles, 3 games – Doubles, 3 games – Triples
  3. The five players with the highest averages including handicap after the 12 qualifying games will compete in a knock out system.
  4. Bowlers qualifying 5th, 4th and 3rd will bowl against each other (1 game). Pinfall with handicap shall determine placing
  5. Winner of above bowls against 2nd qualified bowler (1 game only)
  6. Winner of 2nd vs. 3rd bowls against 1st qualified bowler (2 games) – Winner shall be the bowler of combined pinfall with handicap for the title of Masters Champion.
  7. At the end of bowling when there is a tie/draw in scores, the bowlers whom are tied shall do a 9th/10th frame roll off, their handicap shall be recalculated as 1/5th of their handicap.
  8. The Bowler next to bowl is permitted to warm up

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